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Web statistics asp software, download source code, ASP and mySQL

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Web statistics asp software,
Visitor tracking,
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Advanced web statistics software product to make intelligent website optimization, based on visitor traffic analysis and visitor behavior.

Power-Stats Visitor tracking, web statistics software is a reliable solution for website statistics, analysis and optimization. 
Power-Stats real-time tracking software and reporting, gives you important information about your web statistics and web site traffic. In order to point your internet marketing strategies in the right direction saving time and money. A well defined strategy might be the difference to achieve success. Start thinking today in the possibilities of having and using all this information, make your business grow with intelligence.
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Power-Stats Web Statistics Software, Real-time visitor tracking and reportingReal-time visitor tracking and reporting

Perform real-time visitor tracking and reporting, compile and make your data available to you in real-time as visitors come to your site. Power-Stats web statistics software can also be remotely hosted, as service, which means that our servers perform all visitor tracking and reporting functions. Make sure that you have a good web hosting provider.

Power-Stats Web Statistics Software, Focus on marketing performanceFocus on marketing performance

You can discover which works better for your site. Use this information to refocus your budget on the keywords and services that perform best for you and save money right away.

What keywords are generating sales or leads? is the question to be made before starting a search engine optimization process. Measuring and studying visitor tracking information provided by Power-Stats web statistics software you can start your website optimization based on a stronger search engine marketing strategy.

Use Power-Stats web statistics software to improve web statistics highly effective. Making your web site search engine optimization even more accurate

Use this web statistics software to place your website directly on highly qualified customers eyes, at the right time

Power-Stats Web Statistics Software, Comprehensive
graphicsComprehensive graphics

Power-Stats web statistics software displays reports with comprehensive graphics with multiple layer for comparison , time line, comparative color bars and pie graphic for percentage display. Grouped by period of time such as day, week, month, quarter, year and even per hour.

Power-Stats Web Statistics Software, Filter
informationFilter information

By using the unique algorithm provided by Power-Stats web statistics software you will be able to watch each individual URL in your website as a whole, search engines, keywords, referrers, site's URLs and languages, can be filtered by each other in order to get the most accurate information regarding how your users are finding and browsing the site.

Power-Stats Web Statistics Software, Multiple user
accountsMultiple user accounts (only for WebServer License)

-Administrator: can see all websites listed in the main application
-Site Owner: can see only his websites
-Advertiser: an advertiser who is placing an ad in your page. This user will be able to see the web statistics information of your site only for the URLs where he have the ads placed at, giving this information to the final customer will give you the power, of offering real time tracking for his ads in your website.
Publisher: some website pointing to any URL at yours. This user will be able to see the web site statistics information only for the users coming from his website, unique visits, page views, languages and countries. Share this information with your publishers and get the power of negotiate campaign ad budgets on his site, based on real-time information.

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